Our organization is comprised of professional black women pilots who represent less than ½ of 1% of the total professional pilot career field. In a profession that lacks diversity, SISTERS of the SKIES Inc. provides

encouragement, professional development, and support to our members.  Whether on the flight deck or social situations, we strive to be there for our SISTERS of the SKIES Inc..




STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  STEM is a direct path to aviation and our organization incorporates STEM in our outreach programs.

Our outreach programs are geared towards students in elementary school, middle and high school.  Although Sisters of the Skies’ focus is to expose and recruit black female youth and young adults to the professional pilot career, we prepare these ladies for “any” profession.

Our organization provides Student Mentoring to college women who have had little or no exposure to professional pilot careers.  Through college visits and presentations, we demonstrate to these young women that professional pilot careers are attainable.


Our organization’s mission is to increase the number of professional black women pilots in a career where our numbers are dismal.  Sisters of the Skies Flight Training Scholarship will provide an avenue for aspiring professional women pilots to “Reach for the Sky.”  SISTERS of the SKIES Inc. awarded our first annual scholarship in 2017 at the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals Convention.

Amina Jackson is the 2018 Sisters of the Skies Flight Training Scholarship recipient.

Juanita Attaway, recipient of the 2017 Sister of the Skies Flight Training Scholarship pictured with Sisters of the Skies Inc.

President, Theresa Claiborne.

For more information, send a request to info@sistersoftheskies.org

with your name and contact information.

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